Erotic Massage: Benefits and Techniques

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If you are familiar with massages, you would have heard about erotic massage before. It is a massage method that requires a person to stimulate the body of their partner to create some levels of intimacy, communication, and tenderness. This erotic massage has been used several times by couples to initiate long-lasting sexual foreplay which leads to memorable sex.

An erotic massage involves the stimulation, stroking, and teasing of various parts of the body, including the erogenous areas. It creates emotions that can bring two people together for a more enjoyable relationship.

What are the benefits of erotic massage?

Are you interested in having an erotic massage? If yes, here are the benefits you can enjoy:

It encourages you to let go of inhibitions

Sometimes, people are not confident of what their bodies look like. As a result of this, they will feel shy and self-conscious. This can have a significant impact on the intimate lives of such individuals. But the good news is that erotic massage can come in handy for such individuals.

This massage will help you understand that nudity is okay when done appropriately. Therefore, you will become less shy and self-conscious as someone gives you an erotic massage. Over time, this will help you to let go of inhibitions created by our societies and cultures.

It can improve your sex life

Whether you are a female or male, there are lots of things you can gain from enjoying lengthy foreplay before sex. With lengthy foreplay, your body will be properly stimulated and prepared for sex. This doesn’t only encourage you to perform better in bed, but it can also aid your ability to reach a climax.

An erotic massage can assist you to build such lengthy foreplay. When you want to have an erotic massage, both the giver and receiver need to set time aside and create the right ambience. Besides, they are both interested in making the experience worthwhile for the other person. Therefore, an erotic massage can serve as great foreplay that will usher you and your partner into great sexual experiences.

In addition, an erotic massage requires the stimulation of your genitalia without necessarily making you ejaculate. As a consequence, you will have better control of your body when you are used to erotic massage sessions. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people that have regular erotic massages to be able to last longer in bed. The massage can also help them to deal with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and lots more.

All these factors can be what you need for improved sex life.

It helps to deal with stress and anxiety

When you receive an erotic massage, your body will produce more endorphins. This encourages the relaxation of the muscles. Similarly, there will be an increase in the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are all necessary to make you relax and feel good. Consequently, an erotic massage can help you to deal with stress and its related anxiety.

Other benefits of an erotic massage include:

- Recovery of your strength and energy
- Increase in your libido
- Improvement of your skin condition
- Removal of toxins from your body

The combination of all the benefits of an erotic massage can boost your relationship.

Techniques for erotic massage

Generally, an erotic massage combines a wide range of techniques to stimulate the body of the receiver. Whether you are receiving an erotic massage from your partner or a professional masseur, you can expect the giver to use the following techniques:

Compression technique

The compression technique is an essential technique that must be used during a [ London erotic massage]. Here, the giver will press their palms flat into the body parts of the receiver. Afterward, they will rub the compressed circularly to give a special sensation. This technique allows you to apply little pressure on the body of the receiver before using other deeper techniques like the kneading technique.

Shiatsu technique

Known as one of the simplest massaging techniques, the shiatsu technique requires the use of the thumbs to apply pleasure to different body parts. The giver will tap, press, kneed, and stretch as their thumbs are moved around circularly.

When using this technique to give an erotic massage, the giver must be gentle and tender. They have to apply enough pressure without hurting the receiver.

Kneading technique

The second technique that must be used during an erotic massage is the kneading technique. Basically, this technique is for providing a deeper massage while using the thumbs. Since it is deeper, the kneading technique is recommended for meaty body parts such as the buttocks. Such meaty areas can absorb as much deeper massages as possible without hurting the receiver.

However, you should be careful when kneading the belly as many individuals are not comfortable with the area. So, the giver must ask whether the receiver wants to be kneaded in the stomach or not.

Genitalia massage technique

Genitalia massage technique is all about stimulating the private parts such as the clitoris, vagina, etc. in females. In a male, it may even stimulate the penis, testes, and so on. This technique focuses on how a massage giver can stimulate their partner to action; thereby, making them longing for a steamy, intimate session.

Here, the giver gently strokes and touches the privates; thus, arousing the receiver. In most cases, the stimulation is extended to the nipples, chest, buttocks, breasts, and other erogenous zones in the body. As a result of this, the receiver will experience intense arousal. Oils should also be used to increase lubrication of the body.

You must understand that the target of the giver is not to make the receiver ejaculate. Hence, the giver needs to slow down the stimulation of the genitals to ensure that the massage session can last for a longer period.

Now you have learned about the benefits and techniques for erotic massage. It is time to bring all these tips together and start enjoying the massage to enjoy more fun-filled sex life.